Ada Breedveld's way of working

The first paintings which Ada painted were done in oils, a little gloomy and grey. The designs were also in shades of grey. She also made etches on zinc or copper plates, in which she added shape to her pictures with black ink. On the birth of her eldest daughter Roos, a big change took place in her painting style. Seen from a practical viewpoint, Ada chose not to use black ink any longer. She started experimenting with other painting styles. After a year-long experimental research period, she mastered the technique of working with acrylic paint and this has now become her means of expression. A lot of colour now entered her work!

A small explanation of how the beautiful works of Ada Breedveld are created:
Every day, Ada paints in her gallery at the Keerpunt on the Bickerseiland in Amsterdam. When Ada starts a new work, she first determines the size of her canvas. She does this using a sketch. The canvases on which she creates her work are all made from prepared linen. When she has worked out her sketch, she applies structure to the canvas using a palette knife. To do this she uses Lascaux modelling paste. This paste is extremely suitable as a flexible base and prevents tears and cracks in the canvas. Using this paste creates a structure in the canvas that livens up the work. The crackling effect ensures a lively play of light on the canvas. This effect also gives the canvas a nice skin.
      The paste has a drying time of at least 24 hours. Afterwards, Ada applies a neutral paint layer and when this paint has dried she starts on the canvas with the sketch of the work. She makes this sketch using white blackboard chalk. She then applies the most important lines of the composition using paint. For most works, Ada has already thought out which colours she wants to use and which combinations of colours to apply to the canvas. This is the most important part of her painting procedure. The colours define the atmosphere. Ada considers it a challenge to make new colour combinations which have an element of surprise. Using acrylic paint she applies the colours layer after layer, thus deepening the colours. Sometimes she opts for an underpainting in a contrasting colour, this colour continues to play a part in the top layer.           
      The process of creating a painting is something that completely captivates Ada. So she will never paint two canvases at the same time. Also, the result of her work is not defined beforehand. Every day she decides how the work will develop further. The presence of natural light is very important in this respect. In the summer months, Ada starts to paint very early in the morning, so that she can make use of the daylight all day long. In the winter months she sketches early in the morning or she does other preparatory work. When her work is completely finished, only the title needs to be made. Ada does not think up the oh so applicable title beforehand, but it is conceived while painting.